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On-Brand Content

Marketing can be expensive for a small business and making content on a consistent basis is time consuming. Timbr Technologies has tools that automate and personalize your content development process. Create consistency for your brands marketing efforts.

Save time and resources on your next marketing campaign

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Content Creators

Automate your content creation workflow to maximize your efforts. Don't let a single piece of content go to waste

Turn a piece of your content into many sharable pieces of content.

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Pull listeners into your show and make consuming your content feel like an interactive experience.

Bring your podcast to life visually by creating your own waveform video.

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Chambers of Commerce

Get the most out of the information your members have already placed at your fingertips.

Maximize your value to members and automate their content.

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Welcome To Tech

We help brands increase efficiency on their digital platforms without sacrificing design & brand consistency. Whether you need to cover events on social media in real time, or just want to make sure your website and social profiles regularly display the most up to date consistent messaging; We develop the tools to seamless & automatically get that content created and posted on the proper channels.

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A Marketing Team In Your Pocket

A consumer should be able to seamlessly get a feel for your brand no matter what digital channel they find you on. But the resources and logistics needed to accomplish all that can be quite challenging and time consuming.

Timbr Technologies helps small businesses compete with larger brands; because though employing a full fledged digital & design team would be great, we believe we can help you produce those same results with a single person...and sometimes less.

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Daily Conditioning

If you try staying top of mind with daily content, 7 days a week, across your digital footprint you will start to see that responses to different situations are being conditioned through the process of reinforcement.

Conditioning offers incentives and benefits while maintaining the integrity of the brand, product, and consumers. The incredible thing about conditioning as a marketing tool is that it presents solutions to problems.